Why Sicily

Eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean, the gorgeous island of Sicily seduces travelers with its dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures.

Perfectly placed in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has been luring passersby since the time of legends.

Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands, separated from the Continent by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas.

It is one of the pearls of Southern Italy and can be discovered, understood and experienced through a series of itineraries dedicated to areas of interest ranging from nature to history and traditions.

Hikers can wind along precipitous coastlines, climb erupting volcanoes and traipse through flowery mountain meadows. Divers and swimmers could enjoy some of the Mediterranean's most pristine waters.

Whatever your personal predilections, Sicily and its dozen-plus offshore islands offer enough activities to build an entire vacation around.

Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Etna and Stromboli volcanoes, San Vito lo Capo and Zingaro Reserve, Nebrodi Mountains, Alcantara and Cassibile Canyons

What can I do in Sicily

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Sail&Trekking Aeolian Islands

    Sail and Trekking on the Sicily and Aeolian volcanos

    8 Days

    Sail and trekking in Aeolian Islands. Stromboli and Etna hiking. Aeolian volcanos hiking. Beautiful and historic sailing boat. Small group and IFMGA Guides. Etna and Stromboli summit. Aeolian Islands hiking. Sail and trekking in Aeolian Islands. We offer Sail and trekking…

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