Why Slovenia

The area of the Slovenian Alps represents the intersection of three large mountain massifs and the pre-Alpine hills.

The pristine nature of Triglav National Park boasts exceptional beauty in its hills, lakes and valleys.

In the Soča Valley you can admire one of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers, and Bled Island is a unique symbol of Slovenia. Alpine hills and valleys are criss-crossed with exceptional hiking trails.

Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Julian Alps, Blad and Bohinj Lakes, Soca River Valley, Triglav National Park, Sava River

What can I do in the Slovenian Alps

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Snowshoeing Tarvis Forest

    Snowshoeing in Tarvisio Millennial Forest

    1 day

    Snowshoeing is basically hiking in the snow using a pair of racket like devices attached to the sole of your boots. This allows you to walk on snow-covered ground without sinking. Snowshoeing in the 23 hectares of the millennial Tarvisio…

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